New home, no deck? No problem! Let’s get started.

You bought a new home…but there is no deck. This can happen for many reasons: the home builder didn’t have design options that suited your outdoor lifestyle, there were other features with the house to focus on right away, or perhaps you are not the first owner of the home and the previous owners just never built one!

Whatever the reason, we are here to help; and it all starts with a photo.

Perfect shot show full back of the house.

We generally need one photo to create an initial estimate for you. That one photo is of the back of your house. If you are snapping the photo, just stand far enough back to capture the entire back of your house, like in the example above. This gives our design and production teams the most accurate view for what design fits your home best. We consider things like vent and window placement, landscaping, egress windows, basement doors, and electrical outlets.

Surveys are generally availabe at no charge by contacting your city’s building/permit department.

If you’re not able to take photos because your house not quite finished, we have a work around for that. We can create a preliminary estimate for you from the land survey or “as-built” survey. Once your home is built, we will have a good basis for your design, but revisions may be needed due to vents, windows, or landscaping features that have been added.

If you’d like to get started on a bid, give us a call at 612-581-0002 or complete our web form on our Contact Us page.

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