Is it too late in the year to build a deck? The answer might shock you!

Have carpenters been telling you they have no calendar openings until next year for projects? Could be because they only build decks between April-November when the ground is not frozen.

At Deck and Basement Company we will build year-round. Follow along and see behind the scenes how we make this possible.

Precut pieces equal less time outside for our crews!

We pre-cut and assemble much of the framing and railing in-house, so we not only save your yard from a huge mess, but also keep the carpenters from unnecessary exposure to the elements. Materials arrive at your home on pallets and placed in the predesignated area.

The platform frame stays in position by jacks while the ground thaws.

While the framing is going up, our carpenters pre-heat the areas where the footings are going, This softens the ground just enough to for us to effectively install our footings.

If stairs are a part of the project, the boxes shift into place for the landing footings after the platform footings are in place.

Once the framing is done, our carpenters quickly install decking and railing. Overall, a winter build is usually no longer than a summer build which is between 5-10 business days.

So if you are deck shopping in the winter, or think it is too late in the build season to get a deck this year, give us a call us today, 612-581-0002, or email us at [email protected] and we could have you on a deck in a couple short months…!

New home, no deck? No problem! Let’s get started.

You bought a new home…but there is no deck. This can happen for many reasons: the home builder didn’t have design options that suited your outdoor lifestyle, there were other features with the house to focus on right away, or perhaps you are not the first owner of the home and the previous owners just never built one!

Whatever the reason, we are here to help; and it all starts with a photo.

Perfect shot show full back of the house.

We generally need one photo to create an initial estimate for you. That one photo is of the back of your house. If you are snapping the photo, just stand far enough back to capture the entire back of your house, like in the example above. This gives our design and production teams the most accurate view for what design fits your home best. We consider things like vent and window placement, landscaping, egress windows, basement doors, and electrical outlets.

Surveys are generally availabe at no charge by contacting your city’s building/permit department.

If you’re not able to take photos because your house not quite finished, we have a work around for that. We can create a preliminary estimate for you from the land survey or “as-built” survey. Once your home is built, we will have a good basis for your design, but revisions may be needed due to vents, windows, or landscaping features that have been added.

If you’d like to get started on a bid, give us a call at 612-581-0002 or complete our web form on our Contact Us page.

Winter Deck Builds

Even if you’re not thinking about or using your deck in the dead of winter, it still may be the right time for you to have a deck remodeled, or even an entirely new deck built!

Winter Build 3

With the help of Diamond Pier footings, Deck And Basement is able to set deck footings, framing, decking, and railing, even with snowy Minnesota weather and frozen ground.

Winter Build 2

Our preferred materials and installation process don’t require warm weather to complete a deck or porch, so you can take your time during the colder seasons to design and perfect your newest addition to your home, whether a deck, pergola, or porch.

Winter Build 4

Multi-Width Azek® Decking

The newest addition to the Azek® Vintage decking line: multi-width decking!

With the addition of a 4″ and an 8″ deck board, Azek® has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for design options.

Whether it’s a rustic, “mismatched” look, or a rhythmic striped pattern, there are infinitely more opportunities for a unique deck design.

IBS Azek Multi Width

Multi-Level Pergolas and Deck

Heartland Pergolas can be installed as an addition to your deck, or as a standalone shade structure for your backyard. 

Add one of each, and you have a cozy, shady backyard space. 

Privacy fences are also available, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to have a close, quiet space.

Fences and pergolas are both available in white, tan, and “vintage teak”, a woodgrain-textured tan material.