Is it too late in the year to build a deck? The answer might shock you!

Have carpenters been telling you they have no calendar openings until next year for projects? Could be because they only build decks between April-November when the ground is not frozen.

At Deck and Basement Company we will build year-round. Follow along and see behind the scenes how we make this possible.

Precut pieces equal less time outside for our crews!

We pre-cut and assemble much of the framing and railing in-house, so we not only save your yard from a huge mess, but also keep the carpenters from unnecessary exposure to the elements. Materials arrive at your home on pallets and placed in the predesignated area.

The platform frame stays in position by jacks while the ground thaws.

While the framing is going up, our carpenters pre-heat the areas where the footings are going, This softens the ground just enough to for us to effectively install our footings.

If stairs are a part of the project, the boxes shift into place for the landing footings after the platform footings are in place.

Once the framing is done, our carpenters quickly install decking and railing. Overall, a winter build is usually no longer than a summer build which is between 5-10 business days.

So if you are deck shopping in the winter, or think it is too late in the build season to get a deck this year, give us a call us today, 612-581-0002, or email us at [email protected] and we could have you on a deck in a couple short months…!

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